Polar Bears Past Bedtime


Bibliographic Information: Pope Osborn, Mary. (1998). Polar Bears Past Bedtime. Canada: Random House.

Brief Annotation: Jack and Annie are sent to the Arctic to solve another riddle in order to become Master Librarians. But, once they find some furry polar bear pups, they soon learn that in order to escape, they must listen to the bears.

Genre: Free Choice (Chapter)

Grade Level: 1-4

Readers who will like this: Children on who like learning about the Arctic; children who like to solve mysteries; children who like learning about animals; children who like to explore.

Rating/Response: 5 I am a huge fan of the Magic Tree House books because the author does a great job of integrating different subject matters into one book. This book captured my attention and left me thinking after every sentence, what could the answer to the riddle be?

One question you would ask before a read aloud: What do you know about the Arctic? What kind of animals live there?

Posted by: Jill Valerius


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