Boy and Bot


Bibliographic Information: Dyckman, Ame. Boy and Bot. N.p.: Random House Children’s, 2012. Print.

Brief Annotation: After a young boy and a robot meet and play together in the woods, they become friends. When Bot decides it’s time to rest and power off, though, the boy thinks he’s sick and tries some of his remedies (like feeding him applesauce). After trying to care for Bot, the boy falls asleep, only for Bot to wake up and wonder why his friend had powered off! Bot tries some of his remedies (like reading an instruction manual), but none work — will Bot be able to figure out what’s going on?

Genre: Science Fiction

Grade Level: K-3

Readers Who Will Like This: The bright colors will keep creative children engrossed in the story, and young readers who like robots will enjoy the story as well!

Rating/Response: 5! I thought this story was absolutely adorable. I loved the illustrations, and the sweet humor made me smile. I believe that this book would be an excellent read aloud story.

One Question You Would Ask Before Reading: How would you try to help somebody feel better if they were sick?

Posted By: Sarah Kelleher



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