Artemis Fowl


Bibliographic Information: Colfer, Eoin (2003) Artemis Fowl. New York, NY:  Miramax Publishing.

Brief Annotation: Millionaire boy genius Artemis Fowl plots to kidnap LEPrecon member Captain Holly Short and holds her ransom. Little did he know, dwarves, Leprechauns, and other fantastic creatures would be after him. Will he get away with it? Or will he be killed?

Genre: Fantasy

Grade Level: Grades 6-7

Readers who will like this: Students who like magical creatures and criminal plots will like this book. Boy genius Artemis Fowl is an admirable villain that many boys will appreciate.

Rating/Response: 8/10. Another one of my favorite series from when I was a young lad. Really cool to see how his plan unfolds and there are a lot of action scenes. My one problem is that the plot is hard to follow at times.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: What would you do for a pot of leprechaun gold?

Posted by: Billy Gregg


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