Ender’s Game


Bibliographic Information: Scott Card, O. Ender’s Game. (1985). U.S.: Tor Books.

Brief Annotation: Ender is the third-born child in his family, so his chances of going to Battle School are slim, but he is noticed for his tactical prowess by a military leader.  He is taken to Battle School during the war between Earth and the Buggers, an alien race, and passes simulations with flying colors but becomes bored and depressed.  When he finds out that his “simulations,” some of which he intentionally botched in order to be released, were actually real, he tries to find a way to work around the government on Earth and restore the Bugger race.

Genre: Science Fiction

Grade Level: 6-8

Readers who will like this: Students interested in space/science fiction, students interested in people their age overcoming great adversity.

Rating/Response: 4. A great read.  Although violent at times (kids kill other kids as in The Hunger Games), you love the good guys, hate the bad guys, and want to read on throughout the book.  It might be good to ask parental permission before reading this in class.

One question you would ask before a read aloud: Have you ever heard of science fiction?  What other books do you know of that fall into that genre?

Posted by: Iliya Hoffert


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