The Trumpet of the Swan


Bibliographic Info:  Lees, B., & White, E. B. (1976). The trumpet of the swan. London: Boosey & Hawkes.

Annotation:  Louis is a special trumpeter swan.  He cannot speak and struggles to communicate with others.  He befriends Sam, a young boy who lives near by and Sam takes him to school with him to help him learn to read and write.  Though no other swan can read or write so Louis is still very lonely.  His Dad steals a trumpet for him and he becomes a huge success.  He moves to the Ritz and gets 500 dollars a week to play the trumpet.  His only interest is in Serena, his crush.  Finally they meet and he plays for her and they fall in love.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 5-8

Readers who will like this book: Any reader with an interest in animals and love stories would like this book.

Response/Rating: I enjoyed this book very much.  It was fun to read about the adventures of a cute swan and his adventures in love.

Question: How do you think it would feel to not be able to communicate with anyone?

Posted By: Natalie Gannon


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