Where the Wild Things Are


Bibliographic Info:  Sendak, M. (1963). Where the wild things are. New York: Harper & Row.

Annotation:  After getting in trouble with his parents, Max is sent to his room.  His room magically changes into this far away land; an island full of scary creatures called Wild Things.  Max intimidates all the creatures and they  name him king of the WIld Things.  He enjoys them very much, plays with them and has a great time.  Eventually he needs to go back home where his mom has dinner waiting.

Genre: Fantasy

Grade Level: 3-5

Readers who will like this book: Readers with a strong imagination will like this book.  Since it is a fantasy book, they will need to use their imagination to believe it.

Response/Rating:  I think this book is adorable.  It is a classic that I’m sure every child has read or have had read to them.  I would give this book a 5.

Question:  Use your imagination, and draw a picture of what a Wild Thing Monster looks like to you.

Posted By: Natalie Gannon


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